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Locks used for business areas

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Keeping important documents safe is paramount when it comes to office security. While many understand that, you cannot simply use the same kinds of locks you would find in a residential home to protect them, especially when the area usually has a lot of people moving around. Fortunately, there are types of locks built specifically for use in office areas. Here are a few types that can be found in an office environment, as well as the features that make them different from normal locks. All of these can also be found in a nearby office locksmith company.

The cam lock is a lock type with plenty of different applications.

They are however, mostly found in filing cabinets and OEM applications that require lower levels of security. They are available in many different lengths, and are capable of using a variety of different tailpieces known as “cams” to work with another locking mechanism.

-Wall mounted locks are most often used in fireman’s boxes that are found in most large business areas. They have a number of possible applications, from keeping your keys to acting like a miniature safe. As they are mounted on the wall, installation is done during the construction of the building, though there are some locks that can be easily installed into erected buildings. Most of these locks are also paired with covers and an alarm system to detect unauthorized access.

--Interchangeable Core cylinders are mostly used in large businesses, known for having a swappable core, allowing for easy rekeys without needing to dismantle the entire lock. IC locks have two kinds of keys for the lock: the standard operator key that unlocks it normally, and the control key that pulls out the whole core. There are also two known IC formats: the Small Format Interchangeable Core and the Large Format Interchangeable Core, all of which are not compatible with standard deadbolts or locks that are meant to remove the IC cylinder.

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